JaKeM  Photography

Australian East Coast Landscape & Nature

Photographer/Author James A. Mullier captures special moments with lens and pen.

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Photo Portfolio has new category:


    "East Coast Series"


This page showcases selected sites and based on times of shooting; camera setup; processing technique, etc., presents more photo options for you to enjoy.

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Recently published book,


"GRACE FAITH and Everlasting Peace" 


is available for preview or purchase.  Head to Books page for more details or contact me directly by email if you have questions.

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Extract from Page 45; book 1; "The God I Know" :

God the Father ‐ Love


God is Love. This is the most compelling truth I have
received from the Holy Bible concerning the character of God.  We are motivated by love, and we have the ability to love: this is an integral part of our created being, but God is love in entirety.  God is not just the author and architect of love, God is love. He is the most refined and purest form of love beyond imagination or definition.

God is love and He never fails.

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"Songbook II" has been added to the Songs page, even though it is not completed at this stage.


Two new songs plus a variation of "Holy Spirit" track from "Songbook I" are free for streaming and for download of music scores, which include lyrics and chords.  "Songbook II" does not have vocal tracks at this time, but these should be available in a few weeks.