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JaKeM  Photography

Australian East Coast Landscape & Nature

Photographer/Author James A Mullier captures special moments with lens and pen.

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"GRACE FAITH and Everlasting Peace" now published and available through "Books" page for preview and/or purchase.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this book or others listed on my Website.

"Photo Series"


...category has been added to showcase selected locations based on when photos were taken, and techniques involved.  This should provide more photo options for viewing and purchase as you choose.  Latest series is "Waves" - Nth Sydney.

"Songbook  II" now complete in electronic form with vocal tracks listed alongside instrumentals on Website music pages.  All are free and ready for full streaming.  Download of music scores, lyrics & chords is also available.  If you have questions please contact me.

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"GRACE FAITH and Everlasting Peace"

Chapt. 3. Identity In God - Pages 44 & 45


"God has not reneged on His promises made known down through the ages.  God is not slow in returning to take up the souls of those born of the Spirit.  God is waiting to ensure that none of those who are still languishing under the threat of eternal death would be lost, unless it be according to their own conscious wilful decision.  Receiving eternal life through God’s free gift of Grace is needed to ensure peace reigns in the heart of people forever.  This is a spiritual thing, which is most worthy of urgent consideration and action.

Those who are born of the Spirit of God listen in humility to what God is saying.  Their heart is aligned to God and they know the voice of God.  For some though, the spirit voice they mistakenly listen to is demonic and dangerous.  They come to believe they are above God or they actually are a god… being contaminated and corrupted to the point, where once clear thoughts are now seemingly, forever clouded by deception."

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Sunset at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens,

NSW, Australia

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