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  • What is your business?
    JaKeM Photography showcases original landscape photography taken during travels up and down the East Coast of Australia. These images may be simply viewed for your pleasure or purchased if you would like to, via an online store located on this Website. All photos are high resolution, suitable for large format printing. They may also be purchased as framed or unframed prints; poster prints; coffee mugs; printed t-shirts; printed pillows and more. Published Christian books authored by "James A Mullier" can be purchased at major online bookstores such as "Amazon"; "Booktopia", "Fishpond"; and "Book Depository". "Author Academy Bookstore" lists James' previous four books, "In Spirit and in Truth"; "GRACE FAITH and Everlasting Peace"; "Trust Like A Child" "Covenant Word". All books are now available in both paperback and E-book formats. Original songs are free for download as .Mp3 or PDF files. Copyright applies to the musical content of these original melodies and all lyrics contained within these songs are copyrighted to remain as depicted within this website.
  • Why should I buy JaKeM Photography images?
    All images are hi-resolution originals by JaKeM Photography. Processing of photos is minimised to maintain light, colour, shadow, texture and tonal qualities, which were present at the photoshoot. Images shown in store for purchase are personally selected to showcase some of Australia's most beautiful and often spectacular East Coast scenery.
  • Why should I buy book titles by "James A Mullier"?"
    Although writing about Christianity, there is more to these books than may first be apparent. Holding a Degree in Theology qualifies the owner to know about religion, but does little to help in knowing God personally. These books will help doubting Christians and the unbelieving World alike, to begin or to carry on a personal relationship with the Living God. Truth from the Holy Spirit of God is paramount in these challenging days.
  • Are all instrumental and vocal music tracks free?
    All music is free for listening. Score sheets with lyrics and guitar chords are also free to print out. Recorded Mp3 tracks, both vocal and instrumental, are available to downlod for a minimal cost as displayed onsite. Music composition may not be altered in any way, and all lyrics are to remain as provided in original music, unless approval is obtained from the author/composer of the song(s) as listed on this website.
  • How can I write a review of your products?
    Any review is welcome, but especially when it is good. If you would like to leave comments or reviews of my photography, books or songs, this can be done: 1. Via Website Chat facility at the bottom right of every "JaKeM Photography" page. 2. As book reviews written at Amazon by connecting to Author "James A Mullier" page. 3. By contact through E-mail... feedback and/or reviews are appreciated or maybe you would just like to say Hello. 4. As Direct Message through "JaKeM Photography" Facebook business page.
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