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Living In Truth - Healing Part C

Hello... James here, this is the final part of my series on healing as given by God...

Prophecy - Execution - Confirmation

In my previous "Part B" blog post, I stated that sickness and disease should never be considered normal for anyone, and this is particularly true for those who are born of the Spirit of God. While on Earth, we may be attacked by sickness, (and probably will be) but this does not mean we should just capitulate and accept that sickness is our lot in life and I am referring to both physical and spiritual life. Many are born of the Spirit of God and therefore, through the Blood Covenant wrought by Jesus on the Cross of Salvation, they have indemnity against sickness and disease. This is reality, however, awareness of their status before God seems to go missing. Either this, or they stubbornly refuse to recognise/accept their right to fight under God's New Covenant of redemption. Life of the flesh is still in the blood as proclaimed by God in Scripture, Leviticus 11:17, but now this Life is pure, being Jesus Christ in the Spirit.

Even when born of the Spirit, sickness and disease are not totally blocked from invading a physical body on Earth... of course, they do have access, but that does not mean they have permission to take up residence. What we all have on Earth, is a physical immune system, which will combat unwanted micro-intruders with varying degrees of success. However, we can also have an immune system built up on God's Living Word of Scriptural Truth. This Spiritual immune system is worked by faith, (trust in Jesus) and faith is worked by Love... God. We need to trust God in the things that He has spoken to us in Scripture.

The effectiveness of a physical body's immune system to repel harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. is dependent on how well the body's needs are met in this physical environment of Earth where sickness and disease have their own authority to corrupt. Prescribed vaccines, antibiotics, and other remedies are issued in accordance with known data and results contained within an overall store of information.

The effectiveness of a spiritual immune system to counter harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. before they take up residency in our physical body, is dependent on how well we have received the Living Word of God. Do we have a build up of immunity in the Spirit to effectively cast out lying symptoms of sickness and disease, through faith in the name of Jesus Christ here on Earth. Jesus is Lord and sickness/disease are imposters trying to usurp true authority. They will try desperately to influence and convince any mind through feelings and emotions and deception that they are in authority, but when commanded in faith, in the name of Jesus... sickness and disease along with their symptoms, must leave the physical body they have illegally invaded.


In the Old Testament of the Bible, prophets were those anointed by God to speak of future events. The Prophet Isaiah spoke of healing, (spiritual and physical) coming to Earth.

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 53 : 5

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised [crushed] for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes [deep bruising cuts] we are healed [healed, cured, mended, now by the Word of God].


Two thousand years ago, Jesus was physically born to Earth and the Isaiah 53:5 prophesy was fulfilled by Him. Jesus' back was gouged deeply, (stripes) as He was mercilessly lashed as a prequel to being crucified.

Scripture Reference: Matthew 27 : 26

Then he [Pontius Pilate] released Barabbas to them; and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered Him to be crucified.

Jesus was scourged: publicly lashed until His body was ripped and broken.

As a Christian born of the Holy Spirit, you were healed at that moment and whether or not you receive healing, (physical or spiritual) this is based on your faith, (trust) in Jesus Christ.


Physical healing can be received now… the same way as Salvation (spiritual healing) can be received now… by the grace (of God) through faith, (trust) in Jesus, (not works). God has provided for all our needs here on Earth.

Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 2 : 24

…who Himself [Jesus] bore our sins in His own body on the tree [cross], that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness- by whose stripes [deep bruising cuts] you were healed.

Scripture Reference: Colossians 1 : 13 – 14

He [God the Father] has delivered us from the power of darkness, and conveyed [translated] us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins [that is, healing for our spirit, soul, and body].

Note: Correct verb tenses and context in Scripture are critical to receive Truth from God.

About twelve years back, I stopped mimicking church Scripture slogans… ceasing to speak Scripture by rote. Consciously, I allowed the Holy Spirit to minister Truth into my heart and soul. Discerning Truth in the Spirit became a “new norm”, but this was not something, which happened by my will alone… this “knowing that I know” change came through the instruction of God in response to my faith, (belief) as given to me at Salvation. Jesus said many times during His healing ministry on Earth, “What do you want me to do for you” or, referring to Himself when speaking to others needing to be healed, He said, “…I am willing”. God is always willing to heal, but we are not always willing to have faith (trust) in Jesus that He will actually do this for us.

Through making a conscious stand to believe God, I was able to see that the lying deceiving symptoms of sickness and disease were in the spirit and command them in Jesus’ name to leave my physical body and mind, thereby giving glory to God.

Sickness symptoms have still come my way at times… none more so than in the Covid-19 pandemic, but my body has never been available for any sickness or disease to remain. As children of God, born of the Spirit, there is still a need for ongoing diligence and surveillance in the Spirit to be carried out… this for our natural time of residence on Earth, but in Christ Jesus, we have the victory to sustain us now. When Jesus was crucified, He wrought peace with God the Father on behalf of the World. All sin has been forgiven and we are healed.

God teaches us this, through the authority and power of His Living Word, not by inflicting us with sickness and disease or allowing these attacks on our physical body.


Thank you for reading...

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Looking forward to your company for my next blog post...

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