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Relationship and Religion

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


Hello... I'm James and I hope you are in good health and prosperity this day.

I have been on Earth for seven decades, but is that important? Well, I think it is. Along the way I have wasted time and made bad decisions, but also there has been remarkable personal recovery in my life. I have been able to meet and learn about the totally impartial Living God and to know His power and sovereign authority on Earth. He is alive and He is for us, not against us. His love is the greatest and is forever... unchanging.

Somehow, I have been able to stay alive... the understanding of which, has often eluded me, but God knows in the Spirit realm, what the Truth is in the physical sense realm of Earth and I am certainly blessed, (made happy) by that fact.

For sure, I have come to know good things that bring ongoing peace and joy. For ten years since retirement from Civil Engineering Design I have been able to write and published nine books; compose nineteen songs; and take thousands of landscape photographs as part of an online portfolio... all of which, have been carried out with God's help. I am an advocate for Faith, Hope, and Love. Hope is the beginnings of all things good.

Some might still categorize me as being a religious person, but I do not see myself this way. Religion affects me, as it appears to affect everyone on Earth to some extent, but it does not define who I am... not even Christian religion does that. All World religions, (Christianity included) have their merits and reasons for being as they are, good and bad... steeped in history and struggles of enormous proportion. All World religions have doctrinal systems, ceremony and rules to operate by, but these often cause division and conflict on Earth... separating many people from the Living God. Through God's love and grace toward the World, Jesus was sacrificed on the Cross of Salvation. Then, eternal life by grace, through faith in Jesus, became reality.

Relationship or Religion only...

With regard to religion and legalism, these are dangerous cold currents flowing through a damaged understanding of who God is. They will have adverse negative influence over personal relationship with the Living God. His desire is to know everyone personally, (one to one) and to nurture us.

The Living God of the New Testament has removed the World's' debt of past sins, whether personal or generational. Jesus set us free from the curse of sin and death. Now, we just need to receive His gift of life, contained in His love for the World. Relationship with God was the real purpose for Jesus being sacrificed on the Cross. His shed blood was the atonement, which the World urgently needed for their redemption. We were all deemed worthy by God, for Him to die for us. I count this as relationship with God, not religion.

Grace and Love

If I have any personal claim to fame it would be to not give up... to not quit on the love that God has shown me is true, unfailing and without equal. However, even this claim, like any other based on self-exploits, lacks humility as the Living God is the One who gives strength and ability to go on... to do what cannot be done on our own.

When things do not turn out the way we planned them, it is so easy to blame someone else, (even God) rather than ourselves. In marriage, it can be so easy to just get divorced rather than sort out problems, that is, to reconcile through the strength and wisdom of God. I know there are many cases where marriage may not be recoverable and for what seems like good reason, but religion is not mighty to save any family, before dissolution takes place. Only the Living God truly saves and that by grace.

When legal divorce took place in my first marriage, pride and selfishness were the main culprits responsible for final separation. God was not permitted to hold a position of importance. I have a daughter from that marriage.

My second marriage is still going along well, after thirty-eight years, but as any husband/father or wife/mother would know, some days are good, while other days are not so good, maybe sometimes even bordering on crazy and insane. We have two daughters from this marriage. Our family is held together by the "superglue" of God's grace and love. We trust in the Truth of God's Scriptural words.


A photographic portfolio; published book list; and composed songs collection are available through JaKeM Photography website. These are for viewing pleasure or purchase if you would like to.

All songs are free to stream and download with music, lyrics and guitar chords. Books and songs have themes foundational to Scripture found within the Bible and referring to the Living God; Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit.

Bunga Beach - Sapphire Coast, NSW Australia

End Note...

To all who visit here, I am privileged to meet with you, even if not yet face to face... this may happen at a future time. I will endeavor to continue in the light of what has begun by expanding on current themes and new topics as I am led to, by my own determining or by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Also, I intend to post photographic articles; song composition techniques, I have used in the past; and some excerpts from my books, which I consider would be good for wisdom and understanding in these troubled times. Other posts may centre on your comments or questions, depending on feedback received.

I am not proclaiming some kind of "new religion"... quite the contrary. I am here to tell you that the shackles of "old Christian legalistic religion" have been broken and the heavy weight of sin and death is removed. The grace and love of God are a prize worth pursuing.

Please leave comments/questions or contact me via my Website.

Thank you...


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